Every Che Cherry creation is an open invitation to embark on a magical journey. Dress up, feel the magic, seek out an adventure. Embrace diversity, build a fire that brings your tribe together, and be a beacon of hope. Don't be afraid to love, for it is the greatest thing on earth​

The Burn in Africa

Burn, a place where our clothing items become more than just garments, but symbols of warmth, comfort, and uniqueness. At Che Cherry, we believe that every piece we create holds the power to transport you into a realm of enchantment and wonder. As you proudly wear our designs amidst the vibrant energy of the Burn, you become a part of a community that celebrates individuality and embraces the spirit of adventure. Our clothing ignites a fire within you, connecting you with your tribe and emanating a beacon of hope. Here, love knows no boundaries, and it flourishes as the greatest force in the universe. So join us on this extraordinary journey, where the magic of our creations intertwines with the magic within you.

Heartfelt Words from Our Tribe

" There are garments that are part of the story and others that make the story. My Che cherry coat instigated our best burn memories: it was our mattress to lie down on  and gaze at the stars, it was our tent when the wind came blowing, it sank me in warm furry bear-hugs in the cold desert nights, it swayed with our mood and set the tone to the party oscillating from bright and colorful to deep and centered. It is a communal piece, meant to envelop and bring together people from all walks of life united to become legends for the length of a night. "

~ Lenny

" If you are going to own one staple for your burn wardrobe, the coat is the one. No matter what I was wearing under (…even nothing at all 😉), this coat kept me warm and cosy deep into the early morning. Endlessly versatile, the all fur side is super chic, while the reversible pattern side brings the fun. I got SO many compliments while wearing it and as someone who runs cold, it was truly was a life saver. 

Pro tip  - this coat doubles as the ultimate blanket to pile onto for the cosiest, most loving cuddle puddles ❤️ "

~ Diana

" As a frequent festival-goer, I've finally found the perfect coat for occasions like Africa Burn. This long, heavy weight coat isn't just about staying warm — it's a full-blown experience. I absolutely love the cool exterior pattern and the luxurious fur on the inside, not to mention it's reversible! Plus, the large hood can fit two, making it both practical and a fun conversation starter. It's truly a unique piece that stands out in any crowd. I wholeheartedly recommend this coat to anyone seeking a perfect blend of style, comfort, and festival-ready functionality."

~ Chad

Studio experiment

Dress Dance Dream