Festival Coats Collection

Festival Coats Collection

Festival Coats

Crafted by Che Cherry for Sunlit Revels

Our festival coats are tailored to offer the perfect blend of warmth, comfort, and style. They are more than just outerwear - they are a vivid and wearable piece of art.


Unleash Your Inner Nomad with Our Hero Coats

As the sun dips below the horizon and the desert chill sweeps across the playa, let the mystical warmth of Che Cherry's festival coats envelop you.

These aren't just coats - they're vibrant tapestries woven from threads of magic and moonlight, offering warmth, comfort, and an extraordinary style that transcends the mundane​1​. They are crafted for the nomadic spirits who traverse the sands of time, dancing under starlit skies and seeking communion with the spirit of the festival.

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Let the mystical warmth of Che Cherry's festival coats envelop you.

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A Cosmic Canvas of Style

The festival wanderer is no mere attendee - they are a celestial performer, their attire a cosmic canvas. Each of our festival coats is a constellation of unique design and exceptional craftsmanship. From the ethereal patterns of the Royal Mandala Coat to the prismatic splendor of the Bear Kaleidoscope, every garment is a story spun in threads of stardust and dreams.

Crafted by Che Cherry for sunlit Revels

Woven from the whispers of the moon and the dreams of the stars, these coats offer more than just warmth - they are a cocoon of comfort amidst the exhilarating chaos of the festival. Crafted from sustainable materials, they embody the resilience of the desert and the softness of the moonlight.

A Manifesto of Magic and Mindfulness

The festival wanderer treads lightly on the earth, their heart beating in time with the rhythm of nature. At Che Cherry, we echo this symphony of sustainability. Our festival coats are spun from sustainable threads, each garment a testament to our commitment to the Earth and her children.

Step into the Dance of the Cosmos

Whether you're journeying to Burning Man or another festival, our festival coats are your passport to a realm where style, comfort, and sustainability dance in harmonious synergy. Step into the cosmic dance with a Che Cherry festival coat - let it be your armor against the chill, your canvas of self-expression, and your statement of love for the planet.