Festival Coats

Unleash Your Inner Nomad with Our Hero Coats

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of festival coats, where style and art intertwine harmoniously. As the sun gracefully sets and a gentle breeze caresses the mystical desert, allow the allure of Che Cherry's extraordinary Hero Coats to envelop you.

Offering unmatched comfort, warmth, and a style that transcends the ordinary, they become a tangible representation of your nomadic spirit. Meticulously crafted for those who embrace their wanderlust, our festival coats are designed for the explorers traversing the sands of time, gracefully dancing beneath starry skies, and seeking a profound connection with the essence of their surroundings.

Hero Coats: A Cosmic Canvas of Style

The festival wanderer is no mere attendee - they are a celestial performer, their attire a cosmic canvas. Each of our festival coats is a constellation of unique design and exceptional craftsmanship. From the ethereal patterns of the Royal Mandala Coat to the prismatic splendor of the Bear Kaleidoscope, every garment is a story spun in threads of stardust and dreams.

Stand Out with Uniquely Captivating Designs

Step into the spotlight and make a bold statement with our collection of festival coats boasting unique designs that are destined to turn heads. We believe in celebrating individuality, and our coats are a canvas for self-expression. From vibrant patterns to intricate detailing, each design exudes its own personality, ensuring you stand out amidst the sea of festival-goers.

Indulge in Unmatched Comfort, Warmth, and Superior Quality

Experience unparalleled comfort and warmth as you traverse the vast Playa, enveloped in the embrace of our meticulously crafted reversable festival coats. We understand that endurance and comfort go hand in hand, which is why we've spared no effort in designing coats that withstand the elements without compromising on style. Our coats are carefully constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

Reversable; Two Looks for One Price

Our reversable coats allow you to explore two facets of the garments, two facets of your personality. Wear it on the furry side for a powerful feel or on the more playful side with its intricate patterns and vibrant colours. Either way make sure to find the hidden pockets, that will always come handy.

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1. What sizes are available, and how do I choose the right size?

We offer four sizes tailored for a perfect fit. Refer to our sizing guide in US and South African measurements available on each product page. Compare your body measurements to our guide available at checkout) to choose the right size.

2. What materials are used in Che Cherry coats?

Our coats are crafted with fleece and faux fur and use environmentally safe, acid-free, water-soluble dyes. We’re committed to sustainable practices and animal cruelty-free production.

3. How should I wash and care for my Che Cherry coat to ensure its longevity?

For best results, we recommend dry cleaning to preserve your coat's quality. If you choose to wash it yourself:

Hand Wash : Use mild detergent and cool water; gently handle the fabric. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach.

Machine Wash : Set to a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach.

Brushing and Drying : Brush the fur gently in the direction of the grain and hang to air dry.

These simple steps will help maintain your coat's appearance and durability.

4. How do I transport the Che Cherry coat?

Each coat comes with a sturdy weatherproof matching bag, allowing you to pack not only the coat but also additional essentials for your travels, making it practical for various adventures.

5. What are the features and uses of a Che Cherry coat?

The Che Cherry coat is reversible, offering two distinct looks. It's designed to keep you warm, with a fur side warmer than the fleece side, and can double as a comfortable resting 'bed' during your adventures. It features ample pockets, including hidden ones for extra storage, and a large hoodie to create a cozy space for two. It's perfect for festivals or as a bold statement piece in urban settings.

6. How long does it take to receive my order?

Domestic Orders (South Africa) : Delivery typically takes 3-5 working days.

International Orders : Delivery typically takes 5-8 days.
Depending on stock availability and our production schedule, it may take up to a month to deliver an item internationally.
We make most items to order, which requires about 3 weeks or production and 1 week for shipping.

7. What if I need my coat by a specific date, like for Burning Man?

Place your order by July 15th to ensure timely delivery for Burning Man. If we anticipate delays, we'll inform you by August 15th and offer a full refund if necessary.
We will keep you updated with estimated delivery times depending on when you order and our backlog at the time.

8. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we offer free shipping to the US. We are working on adding other countries with Europe coming soon. .

9. Do I have to pay duties on international orders?

Orders to the USA under $800 are duty-free.
For other international shipments, duties may apply and are the buyer’s responsibility.

10. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via PayPal and Payfast, which support a range of options including credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), debit cards (Visa, Maestro), Instant EFT, Mobicred, SCode, QR Code Apps, Snapscan, RCS store cards, and Zapper.

11. Do you have a physical store?

You can find our physical store at Flock it in Cape Town. We are also expanding our presence globally through partnerships.
Interested retailers can contact us for collaboration opportunities.

12. What is your return policy?

We strive to ensure that your Che Cherry coat arrives free of defects. However, if you encounter an issue with your order, please contact us at Hello@CheCherry.com within 7 days of receipt. If your return is accepted, we'll provide a return shipping label and instructions for sending back the item.

Returns are not accepted if:

  • The garment shows signs of use.
  • The item is not in its original condition.
  • The return request is made beyond the 7 days time period after delivery.
13. What if an item I want is out of stock?

If an item you desire is out of stock, please contact us through our website, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request by your desired delivery date.